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Following a reduction in the number of applicants, the college has been asking students to evaluate faculty teaching performance for the last two years. The college's management announced that the purpose of these evaluations is to give information to faculty about teachers' strengths and weaknesses, and to allow those who make decisions about pay raises and promotions to reward the better teachers.

Last week, Professor Burke, a recently retired senior lecturer at the college, wrote a letter in which he objected to these evaluations, claiming they compromise academic standards.

There is more to the management's announced intentions than those mentioned by them in the passage. There have been cases in which college staff deliberately lowered their standards in order to win over student favour on these evaluations. Physician: People who wish to prevent kidney stones should drink three glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice a day. A lack of courtesy among staff members implies that the managers were unsuccessful in their role.

Proposed Assumption: Nowadays, managers of employees with low courtesy levels want to be seen as successful. Alex plans to spend his award money visiting some of these foreign language speaking countries. Treating a stroke is a race against time. Clots that block the blood supply prevent the flow of oxygen and sugar to brain cells, which then rapidly die. Recent studies have shown that some brain cells could withstand being starved of oxygen.

The aim of researchers today is to develop a drug that can imitate that same effect. Should employees, who have over 5 years of experience in the company, be bound by law to give employers an advance notice of 60 days upon resignation? Yes; research has shown that when forced to give an advanced notice, many employees have a change of heart and decide to stay, making their workplace a more stable and experienced environment.

Powered by Watson Glaser Practice Test. Watson Glaser: question 1 of Proposed Assumption: Oranges are available throughout the year.

watson glaser reddit

Assumption Made Assumption Not Made. All Stand-up comedians are optimistic.

watson glaser reddit

If you are a violinist, then you must be optimistic. If you are not optimistic, then you are neither a violinist, nor a Stand-up comedian.

Conclusion follows Conclusion does not follow. Some citizens pay taxes. Many citizens receive income support.The goal of this exam is to assess your logical and analytical abilities, through questions in which you will be required to process information and analyze different hypotheses, arguments and situations.

The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking test is unconventional and a very challenging assessment, which requires high reasoning skills and logical capabilities. This test is made up of 5 different parts: inference, recognizing assumptions, deduction, interpretation and evaluation of arguments. This assessment test includes 40 questions to be answered within minutes. In the previous version of the test, which is almost no longer used, there are 80 questions to be answered within minutes.

Combine Your Skill and This Method to Pass the Watson Glaser Test (Plus Free Practice)

Both versions of the Watson Glaser test have the same degree of difficulty, as well as the same type of questions. We help 63, people every year get the score they need. In order to know which challenges you will face, you must first understand why this test is used as part of your hiring process.

Your potential employer wants to see if you are able to quickly analyze complex information which you are not familiar with, identify the relevant information, reach data-based conclusions, and as a result make the right decisions. This can only be done if you avoid being swayed by your gut feeling and intuitive assumptions.

Most test-takers complete this exam within the allotted time frame. Therefore, unlike other psychometric tests, the time limit is not an obstacle in this test. However, since this is a unique and complex test, candidates may feel overwhelmed and under pressure, which prevents them from thinking clearly. As a result, employers may overlook even the most capable candidates with the highest potential.

Becoming familiar with the challenging questions expected to appear on the test, will allow you to gain confidence, remain calm in real-time and build strategies for identifying the right answer in the shortest possible time. Utilizing our Watson Glaser test practice will enable you to showcase your capabilities in the best way possible, ensuring that you outdo your competition.

If you already know the Critical Thinking tests, you should note that the Watson Glaser exam has its own rules. Practicing with generic Critical Thinking tests might cause you to automatically answer questions based on the generic set of rules.

Examples of the difference between the two types of rules are found below. Inside you will find all-inclusive test simulations, professional study guides, and in-depth explanations of the different types of questions. In addition, make sure to read the instructions carefully before answering each question. Don't leave any questions unanswered - Be careful not to waste too much time trying to answer a specific question.It's packed with tips, tricks and insider-secrets to help you succeed.

Click Here to Download. Your ability to perform across five defined criteria will be measured. How well can you draw conclusions from facts? Like all the elements of your Watson-Glaser practice test, this area is assessing your ability to make judgements based on limited information. During your Watson-Glaser practice test your ability to assess whether a statement is justifiable based on a given assumption with be tested. The older version has 80 questions and lasts almost an hour.

The newer version has 40 questions, lasts for 35 minutes and scales to a higher difficulty. Click here to try our recommended Watson-Glaser practice tests. The fourth pillar of your Watson-Glaser practice test is logical interpretation. How well can you assess the weight of different arguments given a predetermined assumed-to-be-true statement?

How well can you distinguish between strong and weak arguments? This is the final element that will be measured during your Watson-Glaser practice test. It is extremely similar to a Watson-Glaser test but not as widely used. Trainee barristers are required to take the BCAT but most companies in both the private and public sector favour the Watson-Glaser test.

You can get hold of a practice BCAT test here. We hope you enjoyed this free guide? Thanks and good luck with your Watson-Glaser practice test! These are high quality industry-standard tests with clear explanations. What should you expect from your Watson-Glaser Practice Test?

watson glaser reddit

Aptitude Tests. Be prepared. Numerical, verbal and logical tests. Practice Now.It is used by a number of law firms in their training contract recruitment process. Today, we hear from one law student aspiring solicitor who thinks law firms should ditch the test altogether. Students who have applied for training contracts and vacation schemes are all too aware that the year-old test is an essential form of assessment for a number of magic circle and silver circle firms.

However, whether this test is effective is another issue all together. Having applied for numerous City-based training contracts and vacation schemes myself, this is an honest account of why I feel the test is ineffective. I believe — despite what it might claim — that the Watson Glaser is surplus to requirements. A bit about the test. Essentially, it is used to measure cognitive abilities in professionals.

This is tested through a series of statement-based questions and accounts via a written exam. A candidate is told not to use their knowledge but rather to read the given scenario and answer the questions without applying any current knowledge. This therefore allows an individual to apply their reasoning. The test covers four key areas of ability that wannabe lawyers should have: to recognise assumptions, to make deductions, to come to conclusions and to interpret and evaluate arguments.

However most if not all of these abilities are already tested in various other assessment day activities, like group exercises, presentations and interviews. Conversely, there are essential lawyer skills which are not tested in the Watson Glaser.

I have personal experience of this. Having done several of these tests myself, I had on a number of occasions passed the online test but failed it when having a second go at the assessment days.

I was even rejected from a vacation scheme at a top international firm solely based on the outcome of the Watson Glaser test. It felt like a massive blow, and ultimately led to my disbelief in the assessment method.

The thing to remember is that this sort of test should never be used as a sole measurement of success. It tests how quickly and competently a person can analyse statements and deduce facts or make accurate assumptions.

Clearly a lawyer has to be competent in a range of other skills including effective communication, for commercial law a keen understanding and interest in business and also to be good in team situations so they can work efficiently and effectively with colleagues and clients. When asked specifically about how the firm would handle a situation where a candidate has performed really well in other forms of assessment but does not pass the test, she added:.

When looking for candidates who most accurately match what is required for the role you are recruiting for a candidate has to be strong in all aspects of the assessment process. While law firms continue to use this test as a good indicator of who would make it as a top lawyer, I really hope that they become more reliant on other mechanisms of assessments.

Graduate recruiters should make decisions on the entire assessment day and not just one element of it, especially not the Watson Glaser, which seems to return inconsistent results.

Performance in these tests usually improves with practice. I am an in-house attorney and we were required to do the test [online] recently. Some 3 years ago, I applied for a part-time judicial post in the UK and I had to do an online IQ tests identifying sequences of shapes, patterns etc which I found very difficult with some simple reasoning questions.Among psychometric testing experts, the Watson Glaser exam is considered one of the trickiest and most challenging tests there are.

Employers who use the Watson Glaser like Linklaters, Clifford Chance and the GLS, are doing so because they are looking for those candidates with the skill and grit required to pass.

The Watson Glaser test is one of the most competitive exams in the pre-employment assessment world. Not only because it is an objectively difficult test, with its own set of rules and unique question formatbut also because of 3 other key factors:. The road to beating your Watson Glaser test requires that you get the best scores out of all the other candidates. Back in the day, Pearson the developer of the Watson Glaser had tested large groups of lawyers and managers, to set score norms for the Watson Glaser based on their average scores.

Your score on the Watson Glaser test is represented as your relative position compared to these norms:. Source: Watson Glaser Profile Report. Your potential employer will compare the profiles of all their probable candidates. Those with the highest relative scores will pass the test and move on to the next stage. So, beating the Watson Glaser is not enough, since you will also have to beat the other competitors. Unlike common aptitude tests that assess your ability on a multitude of subjects, the Watson Glaser test aims to assess one, single trait — your critical thinking.

As in any subject, some people have a natural gift for this.

Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

If you are one of those lucky ones, congratulations! It plays to your advantage on the Watson Glaser assessment. Leave the smugness and over-confidence to others. You have to come to the test with as much preparation as possible. Most questions on the Watson Glaser 4 out of 5 sections contain only two answer choices. And THAT means that the difference between a good score and a rejection email and a top score and an invitation for an interview may be as many as questions.

For this reason, it is so important to remain calm and to familiarise yourself with all the small but significant details that the Watson Glaser test is trying to trick you with. The Watson Glaser test contains 40 questions to be answered within minutes, and contains 5 different sections:.

There are three main strategies to consider when it comes to getting the highest possible score on the Watson Glaser test:. The Watson Glaser has its own set of rules, unparalleled by any other critical thinking test. In addition to this, the rules of the game change between the various sections of the test, and what was right on section 3 may be wrong on section 4.

General critical thinking practice material accustoms you to rules and requirements which are not relevant to the Watson Glaser.

This type of generic test practice is more likely to hinder than help. Facts : Following a reduction in the number of applicants, the college has been asking students to evaluate faculty teaching performance for the last two years.

watson glaser reddit

The college's management announced that the purpose of these evaluations is to provide information to faculty about teachers' strengths and weaknesses and to help higher management make decisions about pay raises and promotions to reward the better teachers.Sitting a Watson Glaser test is part of the law training contract recruitment process. This guide outlines the different parts of the Watson Glaser test and how to tackle the types of questions that are likely to come up.

Read on for top tips and strategies using Watson Glaser practice questions to guide you through your preparation. The Watson Glaser test is an aptitude assessment used by law practices to test critical thinking ability among other skills. One of several types of psychometric tests, the Watson Glaser critical thinking test is used by firms to shortlist candidates for training contracts and vacation schemes. This is because it tests for skills required for a career in law.

What is classed as a good score on the Watson Glaser depends on the firm you are applying to. The Watson Glaser pass mark varies from year to year depending on average Watson Glaser test results achieved from candidates to each firm.

You should never aim to just pass the test because most law firms will use the Watson Glaser test results to decide between candidates who are doing equally well as each other in other parts of the recruitment process, like in their training contract applications.

You can boost your chances of achieving the best score in the Watson Glaser by using our free Watson Glaser online practice test. In the Assessment of Inference section of the test, the questions are focused around one statement.

You must assume that all of the information in these statements is true and not use any outside knowledge to inform your answer. The statement is then followed by a series of inferences relating to it. You must label each of these inferences as:.

In order to do this, you will need to look for clue words in the text and weigh the probabilities logically. Two hundred students in their early teens voluntarily attended a recent weekend student conference in a city in England. You are then given a number of assumptions and asked if these have, or have not, been made in the statement. Think about the assumptions task above and apply the same logic here.

Bear in mind that a conclusion cannot be an assumption.

Become One of the 10% Who Pass the Watson Glaser Test and Get the Job

For the interpretation questions of the Watson Glaser test, you need to understand the significance of a piece of information and apply it logically. You are given a short paragraph followed by several suggested conclusions.

Again, you should assume that everything in the passage is true. On this basis, you will assess whether the conclusions given follow on from the information provided. A study of vocabulary growth in children from ages eight months to six years old shows that the size of spoken vocabulary increases from zero words at age eight months to 2, words at age six years.

The aim of the Watson Glaser evaluation of arguments questions is to assess whether you can distinguish strong arguments from weak ones. Strong arguments are highly relevant, realistic and challenge the argument given. Sign up to our commercial awareness newsletter for fortnightly updates sent straight to your inbox!

Boost your Commercial Awareness. Home Basket.Critical thinking is an integral skill for most companies so it's important to master it. It's assessed through the Watson Glaser Test - take a look at what's involved. Employers want to evaluate your ability to identify assumptions, dissect arguments, and draw conclusions. Inference - You'll need to draw conclusions based on a series of facts. You will be provided with a statement and a series of inferences based on the statement.

You must evaluate whether the inferences are true, probably true, insufficient data, false, or probably false. You can make this decision based on information provided to you, or from common knowledge accepted by everyone. To get a better idea take a look at some sample questions. Deduction - You'll be provided with facts followed by a set of conclusions.

You're required to assess whether the conclusion can be logically deduced from the set of facts. You'll be provided with two choices when answering; the conclusion logically follows, or the conclusion doesn't logically follow. Interpretation - You'll be required to read a short passage with information which is assumed to be correct. After the passage, you will be provided with an interpretation.

You must decide if that interpretation logically follows without a shadow of a doubt. Recognition of assumption - You'll be given a statement, and must figure out if an assumption was made within that statement. An assumption is a declaration that someone takes for granted. When answering, you will be given two different choices; an assumption was made, or an assumption was not made.

Evaluation of arguments - You will be provided with an argument. You will then be asked to identify whether the argument is strong or weak. An argument is strong if it's connected to the statement provided and universally considered significant. Each section tests a different area within critical thinking and has a different question format. Every section will have between two and five answers to choose from.

The test is computer-based, usually 40 questions long and needs to be completed within 30 minutes.

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