Rare us stamps worth money

We list 23 of the rarest and most valuable of all stamps ever printed. In postage stamp collecting, rarity significantly increases the value of old stamps. What better way to start than by paying homage to the first stamp in the world, the One Penny Black stamp.

The 10 Most Valuable U.S. Stamps

Early printing of these old postage stamps were attached and had to be cut with scissors. Today, unused Penny Black stamps are very rare to find.

You are in luck if you find one as stamp collectors aspire to have this vintage stamp in their rare stamp collection. Some but not all of the old rare stamps are commonly error stamps. These are the famous and very rare stamps of the world today. The Two Penny Blue Stamps Another error postage stamp, these rare stamps were originally issued in one penny and two penny definitive stamps. At present, this rare stamp value is estimated over a million dollars. There is only one specimen left for this most expensive ever.

Postmaster General Charles Connell used his own portrait on the 5 cent stamp, the value most commonly used in the Canadian colony.

How to Value and Sell a Stamp Collection

Nicholas F. Seebeck, a representative of the Hamilton Banknote Company in New York, contracted to print stamps for these nations at no charge, provided all unsold stamps were invalidated and returned to him.

rare us stamps worth money

He sold these rare collectible stamps and other postage stamps reprinted from the original plates to collectors at a fraction of their face value. The face value of this highly valuable stamp is 24 cents.

This rare postal stamp is also known as the inverted Jenny stamp, as the design on the vignette is a Curtiss JN-4 airplane that was accidentally printed upside-down. Two collectors, one in New Jersey and one in Ohio, each bought a sheet of this commemorative, which had the yellow background inverted.

On discovering the existence of the error, the Post Office Dept. Postmaster General James A. Roosevelt, by giving them ungummed and unperforated sheets of certain commemorative stamps. After strong and continued protests from American rare stamp collectors, the government was forced to reissue the postage stamps in an ungummed and imperforated form, and make them available to the general public. This is perhaps the most expensive stamp in the world as of the year The regular issues of the three skilling triskilling definitive stamps are colored green.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Some understanding of America's postal history is essential when putting together a collection of U.

In fact, one of the great things about stamp collecting is how it acts as a mirror on history. By looking at a country's postal history, we see a reflection of its aspirations, values and anxieties. The United States is no exception. Postal service in the U. As early asmail was delivered in the colonies.

InKing William III of Britain imposed a tax on mailing official documents — a controversial decision that encapsulated many of the frustrations leading up to the Revolutionary War.

Following independence, service expanded rapidly. For a long time, however, delivery rates were not standardized, and the system was widely considered inefficient and unreliable. If you enjoy collecting vintage United States stamps, we have you covered. We have a vast inventory of valuable stamps featuring collections from 19th and 20 th century. If you only need a few stamps to complete your collection, we also have individual stamps available. Along with individual stamps, we also have stamp collections for sale.

At Apfelbaum Inc, we have many rare United States stamps for collectors available. One of the most collectible stamps we have available from the U. If you are just starting to build up your United States stamp collection, it is best to start with a time period or stamp theme. If you are interested in themed stamps, we have Airmail stamps, Savings Stamps available. You can also collect rare American stamps from specific areas of the United States. If you are looking to sell U.

S Stamps, we can appraise your stamp collection. Home United States. United States. Show 9 15 30 60 All. Shop By. Compare Products. Remove This Item Compare. Clear All.Postage stamps are repositories of history. They give a unique perspective into the history of its period and place. Either due to some errors or other specialties, some of the stamps have acquired super star status among their kind.

These stamps are held in high regard by the collectors and are estimated to be worth millions. Here is a list of 10 of the most valuable and rarest postage stamps in history. It was the first tricolor stamp in the world and had a face value of 2.

Basel was one of the only three Swiss cantons to print postal stamps. The Basel Dove, depicting a white dove carrying a letter in its beak, was designed by architect Melchior Berri. It sported the colours black, crimson and blue. Around 42, stamps were printed in the series until it was withdrawn in The Penny Black was the first adhesive postage stamp in the world, introduced by Britain. It features the profile of the British Queen Victoria.

The stamp gets its name from both the colour and value of it. First issued init was withdrawn in a year because the cancellation mark was difficult to spot in the black background.

A number of unused sheets of these stamps are kept at British Postal Museum.

rare us stamps worth money

This Chinese stamp was issued induring the Cultural Revolution. With a face value of 8 fen, it was noted for its printing error. The stamp was conceived to represent the expansion of Communism in China.

However, the map of Taiwan, which was controlled by China, was not red, but white. An editor from SinoMaps Press noticed the error by afternoon of the issue date and the stamps were immediately recalled, though a few went to the collectors. They are among the rarest postage stamps now. Issued by the then Kingdom of Hawaii inthese are amongst the rarest postage stamps in the world. The stamps were in three denominations; 2 cents, 5 cents and 13 cents. All of the stamps were made on blue paper of cheap quality.

The design consisted of the numeral of denomination in the center and the denomination in words at the bottom. The 2-cent version is the rarest among the three, with only 15 of them existing.

It was issued in to replacement the existing two-colour two-pence stamp bearing the profile of King Edward VII. The new stamp, with face value of two pence, also featured the king.

In total, 24 million stamps were printed but following the unexpected demise of the king in May that year, almost all of the stamps were destroyed. A few stamps exist though their actual number is not known. The only known used stamp is in the Royal Philatelic Collection.

You may also like: 10 Rare Historical Photographs. Also known as the Black Empress of Canada, this stamp was issued in and is one of the rarest now.Stamp collecting is a pretty common hobby. Just go to your post office, pick up the stamps that they have on their, and stick them in an album. Some stamps are extremely rare, and just like with any other collecting hobby, there are some stamps that are worth insane amounts of money.

We start our list of valuable stamps off with the Landing of Columbus, which was originally released in This stamp depicts, as the name suggests, the Landing of Columbus in North America. Well, it was actually one of the first stamps in the United States to be printed using two colors. In order to create this stamp, it had to be run through a press twice. The next stamp on this list rings in at the same general asking price, and it was also printed in the same year.

The Declaration of Independence stamp was printed inand it is also one of the first stamps in the United States to be printed in two colors: green and violet. This stamp cost 24 cents during its circulation, and while the Landing of Columbus features a recreation of the John Vanderlyn painting, the Declaration of Independence features a recreation of the perhaps more famous John Trumbull painting.

The Declaration of Independence is a highly detailed stamp, and like the previous stamp on this list, even in relatively poor condition it is worth a few hundred dollars. The most valuable version of this stamp, an unused sample with an inverted center, has a much larger price tag. This next stamp is known as a Tiflis stamp, and it is known as the rarest postage stamp to come from Russia. The stamp gets it name from Tiflis, the Russian city where these stamps were first created way back in The next stamp on our list of the rarest postage stamps ever is another from outside of the United States.

This ultra rare stamp originally just cost 1 peso back when it was printing in The reason why this particular stamp is so popular is due to an error. A tete-beche stamp is basically what you call a stamp that has two stamps stuck together horizontally or vertically, where one half serves as a flipped or mirror image of the other half. There was a second stamp several decades ago, printed horizontally instead of vertically. However, it is suspected that that stamp is no longer in existence.

There are two versions of these stamps, one in orange and one in blue. The orange stamp would have cost you a penny, and the blue stamp would have cost you two pence. They were originally issued by Mauritius, which was a British Colony that is now known as an independent island nation. As a result, a post office was created and these stamps were also printed, using the printing press of a government newspaper.

They originally cost 15 cents, and they were predominantly used by missionaries who were working in Hawaii, which is where the name of this stamp came from.

Today, less than 20 of these stamps are known to exist. With this postage stamp, we return to stamps that were originally issued in the United States.

This stamp was issued inshortly after the American Civil War. Multiple stamp designs used this particular picture of Benjamin Franklin, but this stamp is the most rare of all of them. The rarest version of this stamp features a z-grill with horizontal ridges. Not everyone knows a lot about stamps, but the British Guiana one cent magenta stamp is well-known as being one of the most famous, rare stamps of all time. This incredible stamp was originally produced in Georgetown inin British Guiana, a British Colony.

British Guiana has since won its independence, and it is known more widely as Guyana, or the Co-operative Republic of Guyana. The reason why this stamp is so rare is due to the fact that it was in such limited print.To read the full story words, 4 images, 2 Commentssubscribe or sign in.

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10 Most Valuable and Rarest Postage Stamps in History

My main goal there was spending a day visiting Vapriikki Museum center. There amongst other museums lies also the Finnish Postal Museum. To read the full story words, 18 images, 2 Commentssubscribe or sign in. But I have a gut feeling that very few of us know very little if nothing about cognitive biases.

Before my ongoing crash course with human psychology, I had no clue what the term meant in practice, even though as hindsight I can say it has influenced and shaped my life, stamps included to very large extend. In nutshell cognitive biases are mental shortcuts aka. It sounds like a perfect match for every worldwide stamp collector. To read the full story words, 4 images, 5 Commentssubscribe or sign in.

Life can be a bit of mysterious creature, and never did I imagine taking a one year break from stamps and blogging. But so did happen. But I do know stamps, collecting and writing about all of it will remain part of my of future regardless of events.

To read the full story words, 1 images, 6 Commentssubscribe or sign in. This is somewhat up, close and personal stuff, but that should not come as surprise to anyone who has followed SCB for years. What I am about to say is more or less continuity to my previous post. To read the full story words, 2 images, 12 Commentssubscribe or sign in. As long term readers might recall the story of SCB started out when I was experiencing what felt like the biggest crisis of my then life.

To read the full story words, 1 images, 14 Commentssubscribe or sign in. To read the full story words, 3 images, 3 Commentssubscribe or sign in. According to all major stamp catalogs Unitrade included these World University Games stamps should be easy and straightforward to collect: two values 32 and 64cno variants besides gum side printed sheet EFO.

To read the full story words, 2 images, 8 Commentssubscribe or sign in. Below are few Moroccan stamp like items which have made me pulling my hair. These are not mentioned in any of the printed catalogues or resources I have access, which very strongly suggests some kind of bogus or cinderella stamp release. To read the full story words, 2 images, No Commentssubscribe or sign in. Each stamp catalogue provides slightly different coverage, and possibly the best metric for this is inclusion and exclusion of classic pre-runners and local posts.

As case example for the day I have chosen the Moroccan Cherifian Post stamps. How various stamp catalogs list the Cherifian stamps is a very mixed bag. Scott simply footnotes the existence of these stamps, Michel lists six stamps with varieties on back-of-book section, Yvert provides 14 major numbers on their BOB section, and Dallay assigns whooping 40 major numbers as pre-runners of French Morocco.

So what source is the poor collectors supposed to follow when aiming for completion? To properly understand the differences one really has no other option than to dive into history of the area, and study the reason for differences.Early 20th century stamps and before are considered to be highly valuable, especially the first stamps that were used in Great Britain and its colonies in the s.

Stamps from the United States Civil War are of interest and value to many collectors. There are several methods to determine how much a stamp is worth. You can purchase a copy on websites such as Amazon. Look up specific stamps online. There are websites that allow you to search for a particular stamp, color, theme or value to find the current market value for the stamp. Websites include Find Your Stamp Value. Identify characteristics on the stamp s that can influence the stamp value.

This is referred to as the stamp grade and is a primary factor in stamp value. These are important elements that affect the value of a stamp. Consult a stamp dealer or antique expert to have individual stamps assessed and appraised to find their current market value.

Stamp collectors are known as philatelists and can often provide referrals to stamp dealers in your area. Meredith Jameson writes early childhood parenting and family health articles for various online publications. By: Meredith Jameson Updated April 12, Share It. About the Author. Photo Credits.Since the appearance of Penny Black in the 19th century, stamps have become one of the most desired objects of collectors' passion.

Small pieces of faded paper commemorating historic faces and epic events that used to adorn crispy yellow envelopes received by our far ancestors are now worth a fortune. If you are a lucky owner of a rare stamp, we will be glad to help you calculate its precise value. Below, you can see the list of rarest and most valuable stamps issued in the U.

rare us stamps worth money

We present you the rarest and most expensive stamps, but this is not an all-encompassing set. Various nuances, such as a secret mark or a curl, not obvious and not evident at first sight, can make an ordinary stamp expensive.

So not every stamp that looks like a stamp that appears on this page can be that expensive. If you want to identify your stamp that looks like one of the stamps on this list, you need to check all of its varieties this information is available to our subscribers on our website. For a very long time, the one cent "Black on Magenta" of British Guiana was considered to be the world's rarest and most expensive stamp. The postmaster of British Guiana asked the publishers of the Official Gazette newspaper in Georgetown to print an emergency issue for local use.

Rather crude looking designs were printed in one cent and four cent denominations. One cent stamps were meant for newspapers, while their four cent counterparts were intended for postal correspondence. This valuable item was included in our ranking as it was produced in British Guiana that was one of the British colonies at the time. It became independent of the United Kingdom only in May The local designs were printed in black ink on low-quality magenta-colored paper.

The stamp had a rectangular shape with its corners snipped off, which made it look more like an octagon. Each sample was initialed by a post office employee as a security measure against possible forgeries. However, production of the stamps was soon discontinued. Ina year-old Guaianian boy discovered an octagon-shaped one cent "Black on Magenta", postmarked April 4, and bearing the initials "E.

W" in his family's attic.

10 Most Valuable and Rarest Postage Stamps in History

He later sold the stamp to N. McKinnon, a local collector, for a very small sum. Over the years, the uniqueness of this stamp created an uproar in the philatelic circles, as no other copy was ever discovered. Treskilling Yellow is the most famous Swedish stamp that was issued in The rarity of this item is explained by the printing error that resulted in yellow being used instead of the usual green colour. The only known example of Treskilling Yellow exists today.

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