11mm beaumont

Privacy Terms. Quick links. Send email to admins russian-mosin-nagant-forum. M Beaumont-Vitali All collectible military bolt rifles are discussed here. From all countries around the world. Preservation forum, please no altered military surplus rifles or discussions on altering in this forum. Please read the rules at the top of each forum. The new rifle was called the M, in the safety that was mounted on the right side rear of the receiver was eliminated, as this rifle was produced in it never had this in the first place.

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The Beaumont was issued with the metal polished and in the white, note the large bolt handle, this houses the mainspring, a flat V spring rather than the more common coil spring found on most bolt rifles. The bolt also acts as the actions single locking lug. This rifle comes out of a very old collection were it has been for over 80 years, it's metal is developing an even patina, the wood is free of splits, and appears to have never been refinished. The serial numbers match on the parts, the receiver is unmarked as to maker and is dated as is the stock.

The bore is as spotless now as the day it was new, lands and grooves show no perceptible wear. These rifles remained in service untilbut saw little action except in the Dutch colony's. It's a long rifle, as most black powder cartridge rifles tend to be, I left a Remington revolver in one pic to give an idea how long these rifles are. Leave it as it is. The ages have been at work on it and man can only mar it. Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft.

Theodore Roosevelt. Black powder I have on hand, and it looks like this will be another winter progect, last year I got the French Lebels shooting again, this year I hope to get the Gras, and this rifle up and running.

iMac vs 20mm Anti-Tank Lahti slow motion Richard Ryan

That one looks worth the effort though. Mark Twain "Dang that entropy". I am almost done cleaning up the Mauser, it has a mint bore and will make an excellent shooter. That rear sight markings kill me. I love the idea they took so much time with the markings! Making the ammo is half the fun! Very nice. Class is in session. You have enemies? That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.Remember Me?

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I have acquired a set of CH dies in 43 Beaumont.

I also made 20 cases from Starline Sharps. I several questions that I haven't found much info on the Beaumont. The first question; Has anyone made 43 Beaumont cases from the Mag Tech 32 Ga brass, and if so how did it work out? The 2nd question: Does anyone have any good loads for this round? These round grouped about 1. I also have the Lee RF, just didn't have any cast up. I am just looking for pointers, ideas and advice. I have been reloading for over 40 years, but never played around with these old timers.

I have no experience with this cartridge, but "Cartridges of The World" 5th edition lists two slightly different Beaumont rounds. I am also trying to find out if anyone has tried forming the cases out of Magtech 32 Gauge brass shotgun shells.

I only use black powder in these old girls. Becareful with the Magtech brass - I don't think it is good for much more than "Shotgun" pressures. GeeWiz01 I have one of these I bought about 10 years ago. I have stamped marked brass produced by N. I forgot who I ordered it from. It lasts a long time. Mine is in the white as issued all matching with the bayonet. It has a very slow twist of 1 in Slugged at Arisaka 38 Training Rifle. Koishikawa Arsenal Siamese Mauser 8x52R. View Category.

Trades Accepted: No Read More. Due to the additional costs of internet sales, shipping, etc. In the case of multiple buyers for one item, customers will be given 24 hours to complete a transaction, after which firearms will be made available to the next buyer.

Returns MUST be left with the transferring dealer. If a customer takes possession of the firearm, Intrepid considers this acceptance of the condition, and will not offer a return. TX residents add 8. Verified Seller. View Sellers Items. This rifle features a walnut stock with 32" barrel, Maastricht cartouche on stock, all matching numbers serial numbersteel buttplate, and battle sights with elevation out to meters.

11mm beaumont

Gun is missing rear swivel stud and cleaning rod. Please contact us with any questions, or for purchase options. We do NOT charge additional fees for credit cards. Read More. Condition: Used, Minor Wear. Caliber: 11 mm all. Location: TX. Share Item. Item : Intrepid Shooting Sports. Seller Since: Jan. Trusted Seller. This seller is an FFL. City: Fort Worth. State: TX. Accepted Payment Methods:.Log in or Sign up. Dec 30, 1. Joined: Jan 22, Messages: Location: Minnesota.

I'm thinking of reloading for this. I have looked all over the net for info. I found where I can dies and the rest of the stuff to do it. I've read that with BP air space is a no no. My question is this, would I need to used some kind of filler doing this? I'd imagine that the Trapdoor loads would have the same issue but there are no notes or such in any of my reloading manuals.

Can anyone give me any advice on this? I love to shoot my old Beaumont but cleanning up after the BP cartridges is a pain.

Dec 30, 2. BobMcGDec 30, Dec 31, 3. Dec 31, 4. Usually you dont need fillers. I would use IMR trailboss. JLADec 31, Jan 1, 5. Thanks JLA. I'll look into that. It sounds like a reasonable way to start. Jan 1, 6. The loads will be quite light compared to BP beaumont loads. I dont recommend compressing Trailboss, it has a tendency to spike with very little compression. I had a primer pocket blow out on. First and only time I ever had a light load go hot on me and it was becasue I loaded it at max and seated the bullet too deep.

And your shoulder will thank you too. Good luck!Due to the coronavirus COVID outbreak and measures imposed by our state government, our operations are temporarily suspended. I'm bidding on an antique rifle that is chambered in 11x52R which is obviously obsolete.

My only lead on dies right now is through CH4D and they're backordered until next January. Any dies I've come across come from that manufacturer and everyone is sold out. Does anyone know anymore that has available ammo or dies? There are a couple of publications dedicated to forming obsolete brass from existing brass. I use one. I'll look up your round and post the data here.

Inc paper catalogs There is was a published formula for determining a load for unlisted cartridges First you determined the point where the base of the bullet would be located in the case when seated to OAL You can find this method.

I got the dies, case holder, and 20 cases to start with. So just need the bullets, primers, and powder. Forgive me, I'm new to this and my uncle is the big reload guy of the family. I'll be sure to show him your advice once I get the rest of the supplies and we get started. From what you say You need a press to mount the dies and shellholder in Use Trail Boss it is a powder specifically developed for old bp guns.

To make your own bullets You will need a furnace to melt and cast alloy. A mold for the bullet you need a lubrisizer to size and lube the bullets If you are not going to shoot this thing a lot.

Yes my uncle has a couple presses.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Email me when this item is available. Most popular calibers are kept in stock. Please Contact Us to check availability before ordering. This deposit is non refundable in case of cancellation of order by customer. Please note that delivery for CH4D die sets which are not currently in stock with us can be between months.

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11mm beaumont

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11mm beaumont

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CH4D Die Set 11 x 52 R Beaumont (11.35x52 R, 43 Bea.)

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Please wait SIgn-up to our Newsletter. Receive the latest special offers and details of new products directly to your inbox! In Stock Soon Email me when this item is available.Original Item: Only One Available. The model M was a single shot 11mm rifle that was converted to a bolt-action magazine rifle with a capacity of four rounds in This example has matching serial numbers L and is in nice tight condition overall with a roundel stamp in the stock showing a "Crown" over "W" surrounded by the date and comes complete with cleaning rod.

Still in use by the time WW1 came in but was much outclassed by the Mauser and Enfield rifle systems introduced in the late s.

M1871 Dutch Beaumont ammo or reloading dies

An unusual system, the bolts spring is in fact housed inside the bolt handle, from an era of great firearms development worldwide, the dawn of the breach-loading period this is unusual and not easy to find. History of the Beaumont: Created in by a Dutch engineer named Messerecht, the Dutch Beaumont rifle was one of the first metallic cartridge bolt-action rifle to be adopted by any military. Firing an Unlike other rifles, the mainspring of the Beaumont was located within the bolt handle, an exact copy of the Mauser Norris rifle, which would also be copied by the Japanese with the Murate rifle.

This same feature, however, made it impossible to turn down the bolt on cavalry and carbine models. The Vitali magazine held four rounds and was reloaded with an en bloc clip made of cardboard. When the clip was empty, an attached string was pulled to remove it from the magazine, no kidding. Despite the upgrade the Beaumont-Vitali, much like the Italian Vetterli Vitali, was obsolete by the time it was introduced.

By nations began to adopt smokeless powder designs which used smaller caliber high velocity cartridges firing conical shaped spitzer bullets. Shopping Cart 0 View cart. Prev Next.

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